There is great deal of difference among men and women which can be attributed to nature and society.Enormous biological difference makes women separated from men.
They in fact are unique in their own way of loving, caring and socializing.
Women need not travel to space or land on moon to prove their efficiency. Read this article
really liked it

Just over two years ago to the day I started this blog. For the simple reason we had been for a scan and Mrs OMG had asked to find out the gender of the baby. (I didn’t! That way I could hope for a boy, in blissful ignorance)

“I think it’s a girl”

Was the answer.

“Oh My God it’s a girl!” I said to myself! And a blog, twitter handle, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest etc etc was born.

The main reason was as a way to deal with this news, and maybe get a laugh at some of the funnier sides of parenting a girl. (Parenting a toddler isn’t funny. Unless you find saying things like, don’t draw on the dog! Don’t lick the dog! Why is Peppa Pig on every screen in the house? funny)

In the nearly two years since she was born I’ve learned a lot…

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